Contracts at the moment for the purchase and supply of patented drugs and critical supply.

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Call for International Public Bids

Consolidated procurement of medicines for the year 2021 Mexico.
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Consolidated procurement of medical aid supplies for the year 2021.
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Open International Public Bidding

The international public bidding process will be implemented in accordance with the regulations, rules, policies and procedures that apply to UNOPS. This is an open international procedure that guarantees open competition under the same conditions and allows for the participation of the mexican and international markets, ensuring equality of conditions and promoting effective and transparent competition.

UNOPS procures in accordance with the following international principles:

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Impartiality, integrity and transparency.
  • Effective competition.
  • Consideration of the interests of UNOPS and its partners.

More information on how we procure at UNOPS.

Stages of the Bidding Process

  • Request for Market Information (RFI): Survey conducted by UNOPS to identify national and international interest and capacity for the supply of goods.
  • Definition of requirements: Review of technical specifications and conditions of participation.
  • Identification of Suppliers: Depending on the type of process, the identification of sources and lists of potential suppliers are made.
  • Bidding Invitation: Includes preparation of bidding documents, internal approval, wide dissemination of the bidding process. It includes the process of preliminary briefing and the process of consultation and response.
  • Evaluation of offers: In accordance with the requirements and conditions established in the bidding documents.
  • Internal review of the process and communication of results.
  • Issuance of Procurement Orders, Contract Management and Quality Assurance.

About the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)

The United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) is the official procurement portal of the United Nations system. The portal brings together United Nations procurement staff and vendors interested in doing business with the United Nations.

All UNOPS international bidding processes, for Mexican and international suppliers, will be published through the UNGM portal.

The UNGM connects vendors with the UN market:

  • Providing providers with a single, centralized registration process for 29 UN organizations;
  • Providing suppliers and the general public with access to UN procurement and contract award opportunities; and
  • Disseminating relevant information on United Nations procurement and markets.

For inquiries and clarifications, please contact the following email:

eSourcing System

eSourcing is the online management system for procurement processes conducted by UNOPS. This system manages the various stages of the bidding process online, including the identification of supplier sources, the invitation to bid (publication of bidding documents), the opening of bids, the evaluation process and the awarding of contracts.

Procurement with Sustainability and Gender Approach

UNOPS promotes the gender and diversities perspective as a key element in biddings; favoring opportunities for businesses led by women and young people, the inclusion of people with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations, throughout their procurement processes.

Driven by UNOPS commitment to sustainability and risk management in procurement, it implements the DRiVE programme (Delivering Responsibility in Vendor Engagement). The overall scope of DRiVE is to ensure that UNOPS vendors operate responsibly and in accordance with high standards of integrity through the development of a vendor assessment, inspection and corrective action-planning programme, with a particular focus on the associated areas related to human rights, labour rights, ethical conduct, sexual exploitation and abuse and environmental responsibility.